"Lost" by Matt Mauser

Dedicated to Christina Mauser

"Losing my wife in a helicopter crash in January was the worst day of my life. The only way I've learned how to cope with such a tremendous loss is through being with my children and writing music. Christina, my love...this song is for you." -- Matt Mauser

Jan 27, 2020

With broken hearts, the Tijuana Dogs announce the sudden loss of Christina Mauser, frontman Matt Mauser’s wife.

All show dates with Matt Mauser have been postponed until further notice

Christina was a driving force behind the Tijuana Dogs, and can be credited with much of their success. The performance schedule has been postponed for now, and updates about the shows will be posted as they arise.


The Tijuana Dogs and their families appreciate all the love and support that has been pouring in. Thank you. 

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FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD: "Stuck Behind a Truck"

a Tijuana Dogs original song

The unique style of the Tijuana Dogs leaves a lasting impression on concert-goers long after the curtain has been drawn. They’re born artists and entertainers who are loud, proud and love what they do. And they're good at it.


The Tijuana Dogs have unleashed the inner party animal of hundreds of thousands of people across the country and in Mexico.

"Crazy Train" performed by Tijuana Dogs at SeaLegs at the Beach in Huntington Beach, CA
Music video for "I'm Looking Good!" - an original song by the Tijuana Dogs
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Tijuana Dogs

Tijuana Dogs (L-R): Daniel Pearson, Matt Mauser, Jason Toney, Dave Murdy, Griffin Wright